Dear Customer,
Dividend declared under – UTI Dividend Yield Fund – Existing Plan
As published in Business Standard on 14.06.2013 dividend has been declared under UTI Dividend Yield Fund – Existing Plan. Please find the details as under:
Scheme Quantum of Dividend Face value
per unit
NAV as on 12/06/2013
(Dividend Option –
Existing Plan)
Record Date
   %   per unit   10.00   13.0477   Wednesday
June 19, 2013
 UTI Dividend Yield Fund  5   0.50
Pursuant to payment of dividend, the NAV of the Dividend Option (Existing Plan) of the scheme would fall to the extent of the payout and statutory levy (if applicable).
All the unit holders under the dividend option (existing plan) of the aforesaid scheme whose names appear in the register of unit holders as at the close of business hours on the record date are entitled for dividend. The reinvestment in units of dividend option, if opted for reinvestment, will be done on the day immediately after the record date at ex-dividend NAV of the record date. The reinvestment, if any, shall be treated as constructive payment of dividend to the unit holders as also constructive receipt of payment of the amount by the unit holders. No load will be charged on units allotted on reinvestment of dividend.
As you have opted for reinvestment of the dividend, the Statement of Account reflecting the reinvested units will be sent to you after allotment of reinvested units.
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