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Service FAQs

How do I register a nomination in my folio?
  • The nomination form should be signed by all the unit holder/s (irrespective of the holding basis) and submitted to the nearest UFC / Karvy ISC for registering in our records.
  • The investor can register upto 3 nominations in a folio.
  • It is mandatory to indicate clearly the percentage of allocation/share in favour of each of the nominees against their name and such allocation/share should be in whole numbers without any decimals making a total of 100 percent.
  • The nomination can be made only by individuals applying for / holding units on their own behalf singly or jointly.
  • Power of Attorney holder cannot nominate
  • A minor can be nominated and in that event, the name and address of the guardian of the minor nominee shall be provided by the unit holder. The guardian of a nominee should be a person other than the unit holder/s.
  • The Nominee shall not be a trust (other than a religious or charitable trust), society, body corporate, partnership firm, Karta of Hindu Undivided Family or a Power of Attorney holder.
  • A non-resident unit holder can nominate a resident or a non-resident of Indian origin. A resident unit holder can also nominate a non-resident on a non-repatriable basis.
  • In case of partial redemption/transfer, existing nomination/s will continue for the remaining units.
  • This nomination will supersede all nominations made by the unit holders / applicants under the Scheme/Plan earlier.
  • Nomination in respect of the units stands rescinded upon the transfer of units.
  • Transfer of units in favour of a Nominee shall be valid discharge by UTI Asset Management Company against the legal heir/s.
  • The cancellation of nomination can be made only by those individuals who hold units on their own behalf singly or jointly and who made the original nomination.
  • Cancellation of nomination can be made by means of a letter to that effect. If the units are held jointly, all joint holders will have to sign the letter for cancellation of nomination. On cancellation of the nomination, the nomination stands rescinded and the asset management company shall not be under any obligation to transfer the units in favour of the nominee.
  • Separate nomination forms will have to be submitted where the holding basis is different.
  • In respect of folios where the holding basis is similar, you may use a single form to provide the details.
How do I communicate my new bank details in place of old details?

A written request duly signed by all investors should be submitted to the nearest UFC / Karvy ISC along with the below mentioned supporting documents

The following supporting documents are required:

– Proof of New Bank account
– Proof of Existing Bank account
– Proof of Identity

Proof of New Account & Existing Account

Any one of the following documents:

– Cancelled cheque (in original) or self attested copy of cheque leaf.
- Self attested copy of bank statement / bank passbook

Proof of Identity

Self attested copy of any one of the following documents, valid at the time of submission and having photograph of the investor who is requesting for change:

  • PAN Card
  • Driving License
  • Voter Identity Card
  • Passport
  • Govt Defence Identification Card
  • Senior Citizen / Freedom Fighter Card issued by Govt
  • Photo Debit Card

What is the procedure for updation of Multiple Bank details in the folio?

The individual / HUF investors can register upto 5 bank accounts and non-individuals upto 10 bank accounts under a single folio. The investor has to submit the required form and any one of the following documents in support of the bank account details:

  • Cancelled Cheque leaf, or,
  • Copy of Bank Statement of recent 3 months, or,
  • Copy of Bank pass book containing account number , account holder's name & address.

Note: For registration of additional bank details, supporting documents with respect to existing bank details have to be provided.

How I do apply for a duplicate redemption / dividend cheque?

If the investor has lost the dividend / redemption cheque and would like to apply for a duplicate cheque, a letter of undertaking signed by the investor/s as per the mode of holding has to submitted at the nearest UFC / Karvy Investor Centre. The Letter of Undertaking has to be stamped according to the value of the amount on the instrument.

How do I update my email / mobile no / PAN/ KYC complied status ?

The necessary form duly signed by the investor/s have to be submitted to the nearest UFC / Karvy ISC for updation of these details.

Wherever email id / mobile number is provided, the investor would be receiving various value added services like Welcome SMS, Statement of Account through email, SMS confirmation for SIP registration /renewal/ rejection, transaction confirmation of redemption through SMS / Email etc.

What are the various ways to contact UTI AMC or its Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA) for any service queries?
Sr. No. Touch Points Address Contact Details Email id / website
1 Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA)

Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd
Unit: UTI Mutual Fund
Karvy Selenium Tower B| Plot Nos. 31 & 32 |
Financial District, Nanakramguda,
Serilingampally Mandal, Hyderabad - 500032

040- 6716 2222

Fax : 040-66161888

UTI MF - Contact Centre
- Toll Free Number
- Non Toll Free Number



3 UTI MF Corporate Office

UTI Asset Management Company Ltd.
UTI Tower, BKC,Bandra - East,
Mumbai-400 051

022 - 66786666 -
4 UTI MF Website - Customer Service - -
5 UTI MF Live Chat

(From Monday to Saturday from 10.00 am to 10.00 p m, excluding National Holidays)
- -
6 UTI MF SMS service - 5676756 -
7 Email your service queries to UTI AMC - -
8 Walk in to nearest UFC For locating nearest UFC, please visit our website. -

Please Note:

  1. Please quote your folio number in all correspondence.
  2. The suggested forms for the respective service requests mentioned above can be downloaded from our website
  3. As the investor's signature might have undergone a change over a period of time, it is advisable to get the signature attested by a bank manager with his employee code and designation.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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