Union Budget

The information stated above is based on UTI Mutual Fund’s understanding of the position provided in the Budget 2018-19 only for the purpose of providing general information. The information/interpretations/requirements provided may undergo modifications due to changes in regulatory dispensation or otherwise. As in the case with any investment there can also be no guarantee that the position prevailing at the time of investment in the Schemes will endure indefinitely. Further statements with regard to position mentioned herein, is merely indicative, not exhaustive, expressions of opinion, interpretative, subject to any judicial/administrative rulings/orders/interpretations, does not cover any other rules/regulations which may be applicable, and are not representations of the UTI Mutual Fund/ UTI Asset Management Company Ltd. (UTI MF /UTI AMC), to induce any investor to acquire units whether directly from the UTI Mutual Fund (UTI MF) or indirectly from any other person/s by the secondary market operations. UTI Mutual Fund (UTI MF)/ UTI Asset Management Company Ltd (UTI AMC), UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd. (UTI Trustee Company/Trustee) shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever. 

The investors should not treat the contents of this information as advice relating to any legal/tax issue/, any other matter and are advised to consult its/his or her own legal/tax/financial consultant with respect to the implications arising out of his or her or their participation in the Schemes and the approvals/registrations etc. which are required to be obtained by them for making investment/transactions or taking any benefit. The investors are also advised to refer to the complete contents as contained in the Budget 2018-19, the concerned Scheme Information Document and the Statement of Additional Information, as amended from time to time.