WhatsApp Terms and Conditions

You are aware that your personal data will be transmitted through multiple intermediaries. By using Whatsapp based information and transaction facilities you will be deemed to have given your consent at your own volition to share, use and store your personal data such as your PAN, Customer folio, account number, transaction details, mobile number etc. with all data intermediaries and data fiduciaries involved in the end to end service and process. The consent provided herein is in addition to the consent provided in the application form and the terms and conditions applicable for the use of website www.utimf.com.com. While the intermediaries are obliged to protect confidentiality of your data, there is a significant risk of data breach due to the transmission of data through electronic medium. AMC or any of its affiliates do not guarantee confidentiality of data flowing through multiple channels which are not under the control of the AMC and shall not be liable for any damages arising out of the data breaches/losses. Kindly note that you may choose to opt out of notifications from Franklin Templeton Investments by contacting us. You may also choose to delete all your interactions by informing us of the same.