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To be the most preferred Mutual Fund



To make UTI Mutual Fund:

  • The most trusted brand that is admired by all stakeholders
  • The largest and most efficient wealth manager with global presence
  • The best-in-class customer service provider
  • The most preferred employer
  • The most innovative and best wealth creator
  • A socially responsible organisation known for best corporate governance


January 14, 2003 is when UTI Mutual Fund started to pave its path following the vision of UTI Asset Management Co. Ltd. (UTIAMC), which was appointed by UTI Trustee Co. Ltd. for managing the schemes of UTI Mutual Fund and the schemes transferred/migrated from the erstwhile Unit Trust of India.

Assets Under Management

To know latest corpus of UTIAMC please refer UTI Mutual Fund has a track record of managing a variety of schemes catering to the needs of every class of citizens. It has a nationwide network consisting 150 UTI Financial Centres (UFCs) and UTI International offices in London, Dubai and Singapore.

UTIAMC has a well-qualified, professional fund management team, which has been fully empowered to manage funds with greater efficiency and accountability in the sole interest of the unit holders. The fund managers are ably supported by a strong in-house securities research department. To ensure investors' interests, a risk management department is also in operation.


UTIMF has consistently reset and upgraded transparency standards. All the branches, UFCs and registrar offices are connected on a robust IT network to ensure cost-effective quick and efficient service. All these have evolved UTIMF to position as a dynamic, responsive, restructured, efficient and transparent entity, fully compliant with SEBI regulations.

Investment Philosophy

UTI Mutual Fund's investment philosophy is to deliver consistent and stable returns in the medium to long term with a fairly lower volatility of fund returns compared to the broad market. It believes in having a balanced and well-diversified portfolio for all the funds and a rigorous in-house research based approach to all its investments. It is committed to adopt and maintain good fund management practices and a process based investment management.

UTI Mutual Fund follows an investment approach of giving as equal an importance to asset allocation and sectoral allocation, as is given to security selection while managing any fund. It combines top-down and bottom-up approaches to enable the portfolios/funds to adapt to different market conditions so as to prevent missing an investment opportunity.

In terms of its funds performance, UTI Mutual fund aims to remain consistently in the top quartile vis-à-vis the funds in the peer group.

Disclosure on Soft-Dollar Arrangements

The SEBI vide its circular ref. no. SEBI/HO/IMD/DF2/CIR/P/2016/42 dated March 18, 2016 has required AMCs to make disclosure with respect to “Soft Dollar Arrangements” with brokers. Soft Dollar arrangements refers to an arrangement between AMCs and brokers in which the AMC executes trades through a particular broker and in turn the broker may provide benefits such as free research, hardware, software or even non-research-related services etc., to the AMC that are in the interest of investors and the same should be suitably disclosed.

In this regard , it may be noted that UTI Asset Management Company Ltd. ( UTI AMC) does not have any Soft-Dollar arrangements with any of its brokers . However brokers may on voluntary basis provide free research reports, which might be one of the inputs in fund management process. We do not have any liability to use the services of any broker in lieu of these research reports.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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