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Does an NAV?
  • Is always constant.
  • Keeps going up at a steady rate.
  • Fluctuates with market price movements.
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What is your primary source of information on MF ?
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  • AMC websites
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5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating A Fund
Published On: 04-Jul-2017

5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating A Fund

How does one decide between the numerous options available? When selecting a mutual fund, do bear in mind that you are hiring a portfolio manager to do a specific job. Since short-term performance can be very misleading, here is a run-through to help you sift the wheat from the chaff.

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How have returns been under the current fund manager? Read More
Why has the fund performed the way it has? Read More
How risky has the fund been in the past? Read More
What is the strategy and how well is it executed? Read More
Where is the portfolio most concentrated? Read More