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Do you invest in any of the following?
  • MF
  • PPF
  • Stocks
  • None
Does an NAV?
  • Is always constant.
  • Keeps going up at a steady rate.
  • Fluctuates with market price movements.
  • Cannot go down at all.
What is your primary source of information on MF ?
  • Expert Advice
  • AMC websites
  • Friends & Family
  • Others
5 Steps to Decipher Past Performance
Published On: 04-Jul-2017

To reach a holistic assessment, performance should be viewed adroitly to unearth a fund’s realistic potential.

5 Steps to Decipher Past Performance

If you have ever invested in mutual funds, chances are that you would have narrowed down on one that put up some very good numbers in the recent past. Despite the bold disclaimers about past performance not necessarily being sustained in the future, investors have a hard time resisting the numbers. Past performance is undoubtedly very luring, but should you rely on it?

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