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Do you invest in any of the following?
  • MF
  • PPF
  • Stocks
  • None
Does an NAV?
  • Is always constant.
  • Keeps going up at a steady rate.
  • Fluctuates with market price movements.
  • Cannot go down at all.
What is your primary source of information on MF ?
  • Expert Advice
  • AMC websites
  • Friends & Family
  • Others
5 Lessons from Bill Bernstein
Published On: 05-Jul-2017

5 Lessons from Bill Bernstein

In March this year, American financial theorist and writer William Bernstein published a pamphlet on the basics of successful long-term investing titled If You Can: How Millennials Can Get Rick Slowly.The pamphlet guards no secrets. Rather, it dispenses principles that benefit from repetition.

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