This Raksha Bandhan, Give SIP as a Gift

Published On: 20-Aug-2021

Raksha Bandhan signifies the strong bond between brothers and sisters. Sisters tie Rakhi and wish for the wellbeing of their brothers, and in return, brothers promise to keep their sisters protected throughout their life under every circumstance. Brothers also present a gift as a token of their love for the sister. 

If you are searching for Raksha Bandhan gifts for your sister and would like to do something different, how about giving SIP as a gift? After all, financial wellbeing and security also play a critical role in everyone's life. Before deciding, check out some of the top reasons that make mutual fund SIP an excellent Raksha Bandhan gift-

Ideal for Every Budget

One of the USPs of mutual fund SIP is that it is ideal for every budget. You can choose any mutual fund scheme of your choice and start investing as little as Rs. 500 per month depending on the mutual fund scheme for investment.

As investing is now such a critical aspect of a financially secure life, starting an SIP in a mutual fund is a gift that your sister will cherish. 

Variety of Schemes to Choose From

There are now mutual fund schemes to suit every risk appetite and objective. For instance, if you believe that the right financial goal for your sister would be long-term wealth creation, you can choose a top equity mutual fund scheme for your SIP as they usually tend to give reasonable returns in the longer run. 

Similarly, debt funds, hybrid funds, tax-saving funds, liquid funds, and more help investors select a scheme that best meets their expectations. 

No Investment Experience Required

Even if you or your sister has no experience in the financial markets or investing, SIP is still a great choice. One of the primary reasons for investing in a mutual fund scheme is to let professional experts manage your investment. 

You don't have to time your entry or worry about the current market conditions for starting an SIP. While it is recommended that you gain some knowledge about mutual funds before investing to choose a suitable scheme, you don't need any investment experience to begin. 

Easy to Begin

Thanks to digitalisation, you can give the financial gift of SIP to your sister from the comforts of your home. You don't have to struggle with complex documentation procedures to start investing. 

Most top AMCs (Asset Management Companies) now have their websites from where you can easily start your SIP. You will only need your PAN card, duly filled KYC form, and a digital payment mode to invest in SIP. 

Potential for reasonable returns

Finally, mutual fund are also known for generating reasonable returns option. While the returns vary significantly between mutual fund categories and market conditions, most fund categories aim to deliver returns higher than the traditionally popular investment options in India. 

The Raksha Bandhan gift of SIP could play a critical role in your sister's goal planning, taking her closer to financial independence. 

The Gift of Financial Security with Mutual Fund SIP

Common gifts like a purse, chocolates, smartphone, makeup kit, or watch will get old with time. But a mutual fund SIP will continue growing her wealth for years to come. By gifting SIP this Raksha Bandhan, you will make a lasting contribution to your sister's financial life, encouraging her to keep growing and succeeding. 

Consult a certified financial advisor and browse through mutual fund categories and select ones you believe would be the right choice for your sister. 


Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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