#MutualFundKickstarter: Yes! Mutual Funds are Great for Retirees

Published On: 21-Jun-2018

You like the sound of the ping on your mobile phone informing when pay gets credited every month. But how can you ensure that the sweet sound continues even in retirement? You will still need a regular income to meet your regular expenses. That’s not all.

You also need to meet periodic expenses such as home repairs and maintenance, besides have lump sum requirements from time to time, especially during family events like marriages. That’s not to forget the needs for emergency cash due to possible health and other emergencies. How will you do all this and not let your retirement become all about managing money? The answer lies in investing in debt mutual funds.

By investing in different categories of debt mutual funds and using their various features, you can ensure that not only do you get regular retirement income, but also meet periodic expenses, lump sum requirements, besides meeting emergency needs. Debt funds can help your money grow well thanks to tax efficiency and capability to counter inflation. Remember, inflation quietly eats away the purchasing power of retirement savings.

Here, we will tell you how retirees can smartly use mutual funds. But before we do that, we will give you a financial big picture of retirement. This will help you appreciate the utility of debt mutual funds even better.


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