Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

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Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

#SIPToday - Why You Should Start an SIP This Independence Day!

On India's 75th  Independence Day, gift yourself what you rightfully deserve – financial freedom! As we celebrate Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, aim to start your investment and achieve your future dreams, both big and small.

Whether you dream of buying a car or going on a foreign trip, a Systematic Investment Plan is the right place to start. Even bigger goals like higher studies, launching a start-up, marriage, children’s education or retirement are achievable with an SIP.

So make this Independence Day more meaningful; start an #SIPtoday of ₹7500* and aim to fulfil all your ambitions.

Benefits of Investing in SIP

  • Enable Investing with Small Amounts

  • Rupee Cost Averaging

  • Power of Compounding

  • Convenience

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Benefits of SIP | Enable Investing with Small Amounts

Goal Calculator

An easy way to calculate the amount you need to invest in order to achieve all the milestones you have set for yourself.

Life Goal
Monthly investment amount
Yearly investment amount


  • What is SIP (SIP stands for)?

  • How do I start an SIP?

  • Is KYC compulsory?

  • How often does one have to invest?

  • How much can I invest in SIP? (min amount, ideal amount)

  • How long can I invest in SIP? (min duration)

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SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan. It is a mode of investment in a mutual fund scheme. When you invest in SIP, you can pay a fixed sum of money at fixed intervals (weekly monthly or quarterly).

SIP is a feature offered for a disciplined investment of a certain amount on a pre-decided date in a specific mutual fund scheme, regularly over a period of time.

To know about the KYC documentary requirements and procedure for change of address, phone number, bank details, etc. please visit Please deal with only registered Mutual funds, details of which can be verified on the SEBI website under "Intermediaries/market Infrastructure Institutions".  All complaints regarding UTI Mutual Fund can be directed towards and/or visit (SEBI SCORES portal). This material is part of Investor Education and awareness initiative of UTI Mutual Fund.

Disclaimer : *This is an indicative number and investor may choose any amount starting from minimum amount offered by mutual fund scheme, frequency of contribution (monthly/ quarterly) and time horizon required for achieving the financial goal.

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