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Suggestive Employee Value Proposition
  1. Long Standing Market Reputation and Trust Among Investors 
    Being a pioneer in the MF industry we enjoy a legacy of strong brand with undisputed market reputation and deep trust of our investors. 

  2. Independent Asset Manager 
    We concentrate and specialize in the asset management business, channelizing all our resources and energy in excelling at our core job of Asset Management 

  3. Ethics and Value Driven 
    Ethical work practices and honest advisory are core to our company values. 

  4. Profitable and Growing Organization 
    An impressive track record of registering profits since inception and consistent growth in asset under management. 

  5. Credible Leadership 
    The leadership at UTI comprises of seasoned professionals from the industry. They are clear eyed about the future and treat employees as company’s most valued assets. 

  6. Meritocracy and Performance 
    An organizational culture based on meritocracy and accountability. Rewarding high performers and enabling them to learn and grow is central to the success of the organization. 

  7. Fulfilling Work Environment with Mutual Respect and Trust 
    There is a great sense of meaningfulness which leads to a fulfilling and pleasant work environment filled with mutual respect and trust. 

  8. High Employee Pride and Advocacy 
    Our recent employee engagement survey confirmed highest endorsement by employees being proud of working for UTI, advocating UTI as an employer of choice and their intent to stay, no wonder we are the lowest in employee attrition in the industry. 

  9. Career Growth Opportunity 
    Large team and high growth environment consistently offers growth opportunity to all our employees basis their performance and potential. 

  10. Competitive Pay and Excellent Benefits 
    UTI is a competitive pay master with excellent bouquet of benefits to offer. We keep reviewing our payment standards by actively participating in the yearly compensation surveys carried out at industry level.