Mutual Fund Distributor
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How frequently do you pay brokerage?

    The brokerage is paid to you on Monthly basis which includes eligible Trail commission. The payout is done on or before 10th of subsequent month.

  • How will I receive my brokerage payment?

    We pay commission through any of the following modes, depending on your bank particulars:

    1. Direct Credit with select Banks namely – AXIS Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank ,IDBI Bank and Kotak Bank.

    2. AXIS Bank Reward Card

    3. Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)

    4. Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) for Rs.2 Lakhs and above  brokerage payment

    5. Warrants

  • What should I do to ensure that I continuously receive my brokerage for a particular month?

    To make sure you receive your commission amount on time and without any inconvenience, you must ensure you have submitted/adhered the following documents/instructionswith AMFI unit of CAMS (Computer Age Management Services):

    a. ARN Renewal: Ensure that your ARN is valid for a period of 3 years. Please renew your ARN 6 months prior to the expiry of the validity date of your ARN card.

    b. Declaration of Self -Certification(DSC): This is a certificate every Distributor must submit within three months of the end of the Financial Year (31st March) i.e. by June 30. (DSC should be dated any day after the financial year end). DSC Forms are available on AMFI website - The DSC form may be duly filled, signed and submitted at your nearest CAMS service center. To know the nearest CAMS Service Centers please access the link given below:- This is required to ensure that the agent abides by the SEBI and AMFI norms for distributing the products of UTI Mutual Fund.


    i. Fully Online Paperless DSC Submission Process can be considered.

          a. Log onto AMFI website >> Distributors Corner >> online ARN renewal module with existing log-in & password

          b. Click on the ‘Update Profile’ button 

          c. Choose the ‘Self Declaration’ icon

          d. Select the mode of DSC submission as ‘OTP’ mode and click the ‘Next’ button.

          e. Once the Self-Declaration contents are displayed up on the screen, click on the check o box against each paragraph and click the ‘Generate OTP’ button at the end of the page.

          f. [An OTP will be sent to on registered mobile number AND the registered email address by CAMS]

          g. Enter BOTH the OTPs sent to your registered email id. and the registered mobile number in the relevant boxes and click on the ‘SUBMIT’ button.

    On successful submission of correct OTP, distributor will see the message “Annual Self-Declaration Form SUBMITTED successfully” appearing on the screen indicating that the DSC for 2019-2020 has been submitted successfully.

    ii. Signed and Scanned DSC Upload Process

    To upload the annual DSC on AMFI website, please follow the steps mentioned below –

          a. Download the relevant DSC form from here

          b.Take a print-out of the DSC, sign the same in blue ink and get a scanned image of the duly signed DSC, preferably as a PDF or JPG file.

          c.Log on to online ARN renewal module with existing log-in & password and click on ‘Update Profile’ button and choose the ‘Self-Declaration” icon.

          d.Select the mode of DSC submission as ‘Upload Form’ mode and click the ‘Next’ button.

          e.Proceed to the upload of the scanned image / PDF of the DSC. 

    On receipt of a clear image /scanned copy of the DSC, CAMS will scrutinize the same and verify the signature on the DSC form and if found in order , update the AMFI database as having received the DSC for the FY 2019-20 and a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address of the ARN holder.

  • How do I update the Bank account details at the time of getting empanelled with UTI Mutual Fund?

    Bank Details: Please provide your complete Core Bank Account details supported with Cheque copy for receiving the brokerage amount on time in your respective bank account at the time getting empanelled with us. This need to be submitted at the nearest Branch where you are getting empanelled.

  • How do I report change in Bank Account?

    Please submit a request duly signed by the ARN holder  for change in Bank Account supported with your Old Bank and New Bank Account details, Proof of Id and Address proof.

  • In case of an Individual status ARN, how do I update the Nominee?

    It is suggested to have the nominee details updated at the time of Agent Empanelment procedure. In case the Nominee details are missed out at that stage, the ARN have to give a duly signed request letter to the Branch where they are empanelled to get the Nominee updated.

  • If the application is mobilised by you is reported without your EUIN, then what are the timelines within which I can submit the required information?

    In case the investor forgets to mention your EUIN on the application form, the ARN has to get the same remediated within 30 days from the Transaction date to receive the eligible commission.

  • What is the process to change the address, email id and contact details?

    The request for change of address, email id and contact details need to be duly filled, signed and submitted at your nearest CAMS service center. To know the nearest CAMS Service Centers please access the link given below:-