Impactful Books

Message from Vetri Subramaniam - Group President & Head of Equity at UTI Asset Management Company

New year Greetings from Equity Investment team @ UTI AMC

Some of us will be familiar faces to you while some you may not know. This here then is the entire equity team including all our analysts.  Much like the foundation of a building they are hidden from public view.  But they are integral to the team and the investment process. I recently wrote a column on a book, I found impactful, for Cafe Mutual.  It was a rather enjoyable experience, so I asked my team to write about a book. Any book. It could be a book that they had read recently or a book from the past which had left an impact on them.The list that turns out is rather pleasantly varied. It encompasses classic investing and business treatises.But, there are also topical subjects. So, we thought we will share them with you and perhaps get you exploring some of these books too.

Impactful Books

Equity Investment Team at UTI AMC

1st Row from top, Left to Right – Nitin Jain, Lalit Nambiar (Ex fund Manager) , Vetri Subramaniam, Ajay Tyagi, V Srivatsa  2nd Row from top, Left to Right – Parag Chavan, Amit Premchandani, Deepesh Agarwal, Sanjay Dongre, Kaushik Basu (Ex fund Manager) , Sharwan Goyal, Vikram Sarda  3rd Row from top, Left to Right – Ayush Harbhajanka, Sachin Trivedi, Rajeev Gupta, Swati Kulkarni, Preethi R S, Vishal Chopda, Kamal Gada, Akash Shah