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Start your Journey

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Your PAN Is KYC Complied. You can start your journey in 3 simple steps
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Start your Journey

Start your Journey

In 3 simple steps
  1. Confirm PAN
  2. Select Folio
  3. Start your journey

What are Index Funds?

An Index Fund is a type of mutual fund with a portfolio constructed to match or track the components of an index like Nifty 50, etc. These funds help you in getting exposure to the broad market or segment of a market at a low cost.

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Why should one choose Index Funds?

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    Out of a plethora of choices available to choose from, Index Funds are simple to understand and can be a starting point to an investment journey

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    Lower Cost

    These funds are available at a lower cost compared to other actively managed funds

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    Eliminates Bias

    Index Funds help in eliminating individual biases

How simple is it to invest in Index Funds?

No Demat account or broking required. Simply, click below to invest.

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Begin your investment journey

Check our Calculator to see how small periodic investments help you create wealth in the long term.

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