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About UTI Focused Equity Fund

Focused investing is about high-conviction and has two dimensions. The first is to hand-pick a select set of companies from the larger universe by relying on our investment process and rich investment experience to separate the wheat from the chaff. Second is to build the portfolio to demonstrate the conviction by building significant portfolio positions in each company, which can accentuate the portfolio outcome.

UTI Focused Equity Fund endeavors to build a concentrated portfolio of upto 30 select high-conviction ideas. The core of the portfolio is built around companies with steady cash flows and growth potential. The fund is optimally diversified across sectors and market capitalization.

Consider investing in UTI Focused Equity Fund to help gain an edge from our rich investment experience & investment process and accelerate your wealth creation journey.

Why invest in UTI Focused Equity Fund?


Concentrated Portfolio
Exposure to hand-picked high-conviction ideas


Leverage of Research Expertise
Experienced fund management team tracking large-set of companies


Optimal Portfolio Diversification
Maximum of 30 stocks across sectors and market capitalization


Uniquely Positioned
Distinct portfolio relative to broader market indices with potential for alpha creation

Who should invest in UTI Focused Equity Fund?

  • Investors looking for a high-conviction and concentrated portfolio backed by research expertise and risk assessment framework
  • Investors who have a long-term goal of wealth creation and aiming to balance an overall conservative portfolio construct with high-risk strategy


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  • Who should invest in UTI Focused Equity Fund?
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