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FAQs on Aadhar Based E-KYC
  • What is Aadhaar Based e-KYC

    Aadhaar based e-KYC is a digital service provided for first time investors who are new  to mutual funds using their Aadhaar details.

  • Can existing investors use this facility?

    Yes. Existing Non KYC investors can also become KYC compliant using their Aadhaar details.

  • Is this facility completely paper less?

    Yes. This is an electronic service and is completely safe, paperless and free.

  • Who can make use of the Aadhaar based e-KYC services

    Any individual having a valid Aadhaar number and a mobile number registered against their Aadhaar.

  • How is Aadhaar based e-KYC done?

    A validation is made of your credentials basis the OTP sent to the mobile registered against your Aadhaar.

  • What are the pre-requisites required for completing the Aadhaar based e-KYC?
    • Your Mobile Number must be registered with UIDAI’s Aadhaar Database for OTP authentication.
    • Should have a device with camera permission. To access Camera, Location and Microphone to be enabled.
    • Soft copy ofyour PAN which is to be self-attested .
    • Soft Copy / Image of Your signature on plain paper.
  • What are the steps involved in becoming KYC complied through Aadhaar
    • Visit
      • Path ->
      • Enter your PAN no. to validate the PAN status
      • Based on PAN entered, KYC status will be checked and for Non Compliant PANs options to complete KYC will be displayed.
      • Select AADHAAR e-KYC option which is quickest mode of Digital KYC
      • Enter your valid email and mobile number & generate OTP
      • On successful OTP validation, you will be taken to Aadhaar e-KYC page
    • Step 1: On the e-KYC page, enter your name as per your PAN.
      • Next enter your Date of Birth.
      • Enter the captcha code and click on proceed.
      • This will redirect to UIDAI’s Aadhaar website.
      • A drop down having option – “Aadhaar OTP(e-KYC)” will appear Click on proceed
      • On the next screen, Click on Continue Option.
    • Step 2: Enter your Aadhaar number
      • Click on declaration and select on “Generate OTP”.
      • This will trigger OTP to your mobile and email as recorded with UIDAI’s Aadhaar database.
      • This OTP is valid for 10 minutes.
      • Enter the OTP, click on validate OTP.
      • On successful OTP authentication,  the camera will turn on. Microphone and geolocation access is to be allowed and enabled.
    • Step 3: Your photo has to be clicked use plain background. Ensure the area is bright and well lit for a clear photo.
    • Step 4: Enter basic details KYC form which are not pre-filled.
      • Step 5: Upload image of PAN and cropped signature. (PNG/JPG/JPEG format only allowed)
      • Document size for signature should be 400 pixels X 200 pixels within 200 KB file size.
      •  PAN copy size should be 500 pixels X 750 pixels within 200 KB file size.
    • Step 6: Select either mobile / email, Preview Application & Confirm.
      • Proceed for documents to be esigned using Aadhaar eSign
      • Enter Security Code/ OTP Sent to mobile / email & submit
      • Preview the KYC form details filled and click on confirm to proceed for Aadhaar eSign.
    • Step 7: Enter the Aadhaar / Virtual ID and click on send OTP
      • Click on the Declaration
      • OTP is triggered to the mobile number as registered in Aadhaar
      • Submit the OTP

    On submitting the Aadhaar based e-KYC, your request will be placed with CVL KYC Registration Agency for further verification. On successful KYC verification email will be sent by KYC Registration Agency

  • Do I need to submit the physical copy of KYC application or proof of Aadhaar card?

    No, this is a completely paperless KYC process and everything will be done electronically.

  • Do I need to do In Person Verification (IPV)?

    No, Aadhaar based e-KYC does not require any in person verification.

  • Is there any limit to the amount of investments I can make if I do Aadhaar based e-KYC ?

    No, there are no restrictions to investments for all  KYCs that are completed through this new Aadhaar e-KYC process.

  • Who sends the OTP and how would I receive it?

    OTP is sent by UIDAI to the mobile number that is registered in the UIDAI database and registered against your Aadhaar.

  • What should I do if I haven’t received OTP?
    • Recheck whether your mobile is registered with UIDAI against your Aadhaar number.
    • You can regenerate OTP by using the Resend OTP option.
  • What if my mobile number is different from the mobile number registered against my Aadhaar on UIDAI?

    If your mobile number registered with UIDAI differs from your existing mobile number, then you will have to update your mobile number with UIDAI first. On successful updation of your mobile, you may retry to become KYC compliant using this Aadhaar based e-KYC