Customer Service

Grievance resolution for Investors and Advisors
  • Suggested process for resolution of Grievances by Investors & Mutual Fund Distributors
  • Reporting of cyber security incidence

    In case of any Cyber security incidence concerning UTI AMC, the same may be reported to  following authorities with the subject line as  ‘Reporting of cyber security incidence’

    Mr Vivek Maheshwari,
    Chief Risk Officer
    Email ID:


    Mr Sanjivan Shirke
    Chief Information Security officer
    Email ID:

  • Grievance resolution for Investors and Advisors

    For any service issues arising with your account, please contact us on 
    1800 26 61230 (toll free)  / (+91) 022 6227 8000 (toll)  to speak with our support team.

  • Email us at

    • Karvy officials will get in touch with you immediately through your registered email address.

    • Track your queries with the auto generated acknowledgment number at our website.

  • Mail your feedback to

    • Auto acknowledgement status will be emailed for further reference and tracking

    • Resolution status will be mailed to the registered email address by Karvy executives.

  • Advisors/Investors can also visit the nearest UFC for registering complaints or feedback

    • Find your nearest UFC location at

    • Send your queries to the nearest UTI financial centre (UFC) by post or official points of acceptance of UTI AMC

  • You can also reach our Registrar and Transfer agent with your queries at

    M/s Karvy Fintech Pvt Ltd. Karvy Selenium

    Unit: UTI Mutual Fund, Tower B

    Plot Number 31& 32, Financial District

    Gacchi Bowli

    Hyderabad 500 032

  • You can lodge your complaints at

    • An auto generated Grievance Registration number will be provided for future reference and tracking.

    • Resolved status from Karvy will be intimated to your registered email address.

  • Timelines for responding to your queries




    Issue of duplicate dividend warrant

    10 business days

    Issue of duplicate redemption cheques

    10 business days

    Claim settlement- with joint holding or nomination

    15 business days

    Registration of nomination

    5 business days

    Updating of change of address

    10 business days

    Updating of change of default bank details

    10 business days

    Registration of multiple bank details

    10 business days

    Updating of minor to major status

    5 business days

    Any other item not covered above and not also covered in SID/SAI/SEBI regulations.

    10 business days


    Please register your email address and mobile number with us. This will help us in responding to your queries at the earliest