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E-SMaRT (OTM) is an One Time Mandate (OTM) that allows you to invest with UTI MF in a simple, convenient and paperless manner. It authorizes your bank to directly debit from your bank account. You can use this facility whenever you are transacting with us.

Simple Process – Register in 3 steps:

After logging into, investor has to select the option “e-SMaRT (OTM)”.

Step 1 -> Select Folio.  All or any one of the folios where e-SMaRT (OTM) is to be registered.

Step 2 -> Select Bank. If Multiple Banks are registered, select bank of choice. At this stage, the investor is redirected to log-in page of his bank.

Step 3 -> Authorise registration of e-SMaRT using Net Banking.

The investor logs in into the Bank’s website using his / her Net Banking credentials.Submits the Net Secure code / Bank’s OTP to authorise a debit of Re. 1/- and submits the one time mandate registration request.

Please note: If the Bank is not eligible for e-SMaRT (OTM), an appropriate message will be displayed and will not allow the investor to proceed until the bank selection is modified. Refund of initial authorisation debit of Re.1 or Nil or any other amount is left to the discretion of respective Banks by NPCI.

Pre-requisites to register for e-SMaRT (OTM):

Investors can register their mandate using e-SMaRT (OTM), provided:

  • Investor is an existing UTI MF Investor.  
  • Investor’s Bank where the mandate is to be registered is one of the eligible banks. Currently as per NPCI, there are more than 30 eligible Banks.  Click here for the list of eligible Banks. 
  • Investor should have Net Banking facility.
  • Complete bank account details should be available in the folio including Core Banking Account number, IFS code or MICR and Account type.
  • Folio to be in individual investors under Single or Anyone or Survivor basis or in the name of Minor represented by Guardian.
  • Minimum mandate amount is  Rs.5000.
  • Maximum amount of mandate can be upto Rs.1 lakh as prescribed by NPCI.