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Senior Citizens Units Plan

Update on UTI Senior Citizen Units Plan- UTI-SCUP.

UTI-SCUP stands terminated from the close of business hours on 18th February, 2008 with the consent of the GOI / SEBI and UTI Board.

UTI-SCUP Members who had completed 58 years as of 18/02/08 continue to receive the cashless medical cover under the scheme as per the provisions of the Scheme.

The Logbook issued is to be submitted for updation of records once in a year to any office of our Registrar & Transfer Agent, UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited (UTI-ITSL) locally or to their Head Office at Plot No. 3, Sector-11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400614 or to our nearest UTI Financial Centre. Treatment can be had in any of the Empanelled /Selected hospitals only all over India.

Please note those members who have not completed 58 years as of 18/02/08 are not eligible for the hospitalisation cover under the Scheme.

UTI-SCUP unit holders who have still not submitted their Original Membership Certificate for Redeeming / Switchover of the outstanding units, may submit the same along with the duly filled in Redemption Form or Letter of Undertaking (in case Original Membership is not found) to the nearest office of Registrar & Transfer Agent- UTI-ITSL or UTI Financial Centre (UFC).

In case any assistance is required please contact Mrs. Ashwini Sarkhot or Mr. Kishor N. Paunikar, on contact no. 022-66786253. Email – &

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