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  • Is it a must to have a nominee/s to my MF folio?

    Although adding a nominee to your folio is not a must, it is a good practice to add one. This is because adding a nominee/s to your folio allows your investment to be claimed by them in the unfortunate event of your demise.

  • Who can be my nominee?

    You can nominate up to 3 individuals among your friends or family whom you trust. You cannot nominate trusts, except a religious or charitable one; a society, a body corporate, a partnership firm, a Karta of a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), or someone who holds the Power of Attorney of your folio. Please note: If you hold Power of Attorney to a Mutual Fund folio, you cannot add a nominee for that folio.

  • How do I ensure allocation to my nominee/s?

    If you have appointed a single nominee to your folio, 100% of the MF will be allocated to the nominee. In case of multiple nominees, you are required to mention the percentage allocation for each of the nominees.

  • How can I add/change/remove a nominee?

    You can submit your nomination form at your nearest UTI Financial Centre (UFC) or Karvy Investor Service Centre (ISC). In case of more than one holder to a single folio, the nomination form must be signed by all joint holders irrespective of the holding basis.You can change/remove a nominee by means of a letter to the nearest UFCs. This can be done if and only if you made the original nomination as a unit holder of your folio on a single or joint basis.

  • Do the same rules apply to NRIs? Can we nominate NRIs?

    If you are an NRI, you can nominate another NRI or a resident Indian to your folio. Similarly, a resident Indian can nominate an NRI on a non-repatriable basis.

  • How will my investments be distributed to my nominees in case I have redeemed part of my investment?

    In case you have partially redeemed or partially transferred funds from your investment portfolio, the existing nomination/s will apply to the remaining units.

  • Which of my nominees will get to claim my investments, in case I have changed the nominees on my folio?

    • The latest nomination will supersede or overwrite all previous nominations made with regard to the specific fund under consideration.

    • Upon the transfer of the units from your portfolio, the existing nomination stands revoked; you must make a fresh nomination for the funds transferred.

    • Transfer of units to the nominee shall be valid discharge by the UTI Asset Management Company against the legal heir/s of the unit holder/investor.

    • In case of multiple folios with different holding basis for various joint holders, you need to submit separate nomination forms for each folio.

    • In case of multiple folios with the same holding basis for all joint holders, you may use a single form to provide all details.

  • How do I update my bank account details in my folio records?

    You may submit your  form for requesting the updating of your bank account details at any UFC or Karvy ISC. Your letter must be signed by all unitholders of your folio. You must also submit the following documents for proof as listed below:

      • Proof of New Bank account

      • Proof of Existing Bank account

      • Proof of Identity

    • Proof of New Account & Existing Account

    • Any one of the following documents:

      • Cancelled cheque (in original) or self-attested copy of cheque leaf.

    • OR

        • Self-attested copy of bank statement / bank passbook (updated not more than XYZ months ago)

    Please submit as proof of Identity, a self-attested copy of any of the following documents of the unitholder whose bank account details need to be edited:

    • PAN Card

    • Valid Driving License

    • Voter ID Card

    • Valid Passport

    • Govt. Defence ID Card

    • Senior Citizen/Freedom /Fighter Card

    • Photo Debit Card

  • Can I get multiple bank accounts registered in a single folio? What is the procedure for this as well as getting it updated?

    As an individual or HUF investor/unit holder, you may register up to 5 bank accounts under a single folio. As joint unit holders, you may register up to 10 bank accounts under a single folio. You need to submit the required form along with any one of the following documents for support:

    Self-attested copy of existing and additional bank:

    • Cancelled cheque, or,

    • Copy of Bank Statement not more than 3 months old, or,

    • Copy of Bank Pass Book containing account number, account holder's current name & address.

    Please note: For registration of additional bank details, you must provide valid supporting documents specific to the existing bank accounts.

  • How do I apply for a duplicate redemption/dividend cheque in case of loss of the original one?

    You can apply through a Letter of Undertaking - duly signed by sole or all unit holder/s and submit it at any UFC or Karvy ISC. You must ensure that your Letter of Undertaking bears a stamp according to the value of the amount invested.

  • How do I get my email ID/mobile no updated on my folio?

    • Submit the necessary form mentioning the details of your email ID/mobile no at any UFC or Karvy ISC.

    • On including your email ID or Mobile number in your details, you can opt to receive value-added services such as Welcome messages, Statement of Account via email, confirmation of your SIP registration/renewal/rejection via SMS, confirmation of transactions for redemption etc. via SMS or email.

  • How do I update my PAN/KYC-complied status on my folio?

    Submit the necessary form mentioning the details of your PAN/KYC complied status at any UFC or Karvy ISC.

  • How do I contact UTI AMC or its Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA) for investment-related services?
    Sr. No. Touch Points Address Contact Details Email id / website
    1 Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA)

    Karvy Fintech Pvt. Ltd 
    Unit: UTI Mutual Fund
    Karvy Selenium Tower B| Plot Nos. 31 & 32 | 
    Financial District, Nanakramguda, 
    Serilingampally Mandal, Hyderabad - 500032

    040- 6716 2222

    Fax : 040-66161888

    UTI MF - Contact Centre 
    - Toll Free Number
    - Non Toll Free Number



    3 UTI MF Corporate Office

    UTI Asset Management Company Ltd.
    UTI Tower, BKC,Bandra - East,
    Mumbai-400 051

    022 - 66786666 -
    4 UTI MF Website - Customer Service - -
    5 UTI MF Live Chat 

    (From Monday to Saturday from 10.00 am to 10.00 p m, excluding National Holidays)
    - -
    6 UTI MF SMS service - 5676756 -
    7 Email your service queries to UTI AMC - -
    8 Walk in to nearest UFC For locating nearest UFC, please visit our website. -


    Please Note: 

    1. Please quote your folio number in all correspondence.
    2. The suggested forms for the respective service requests mentioned above can be downloaded from our website
    3. As the investor's signature might have undergone a change over a period of time, it is advisable to get the signature attested by a bank manager with his employee code and designation.
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Please note:

You must state your folio number in all communication undertaken to avail yourself of the services provided.

Forms for all the service requests mentioned here as well as above are available for download on our website

In case your signature has undergone a change over time, you are advised to get your signature attested by a bank manager along with details regarding their employee code and designation while submitting the attested copies of documents as proofs.