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SIP Pause FAQs

Q1. What is Pause facility in SIP

To give them time to review their financial plans, rather than cancel them, “Pause” facility in SIP helps investor temporarily stop his SIP debits for a few month(s) and restart his Systematic investments.

Q2. Which SIPs I can pause.

The Pause facility is available for all SIPs that registered with UTI Mutual Fund using any of the modes (Physical / Electronic). However, this facility will not be available for Mandates registered under Standing Instruction mode under Direct Debit arrangement.  

In all such cases, the “Pause” requests received from investors whose SIP is registered under Standing Instruction mode under Direct Debit arrangements will be verified at the back end and the inability to process “Pause” request would be communicated to the investor from Back Office.

Any SIP that has been registered on the third party platforms like, Stock Exchanges, Distributors, etcs., cannot be paused under this facility.

Q3. Are there any schemes excluded from this facility.

The Pause Facility is available in all the Schemes that are eligible for SIP, except UTI ULIP.

Q4. Are there any restrictions for exercising this option.

The SIP is subject to the following conditions,

i) SIP Pause can be opted only after payment of first 6 instalments from the start of SIP.  

ii) SIP Pause can be opted only 2 times during the entire life span of a SIP mandate.

Q5. What is the Minimum and Maximum Duration for exercising the Pause Option:

‘Pause SIP’ can be exercised for a minimum period of 1 Month / 90 days in case of SIPs registered under Monthly or Quarterly frequency, respectively. Pause SIP can be exercised for a maximum of 6 months or 180 days in case of SIPs Registered under Monthly or Quarterly frequency respectively, per instance. 

Registered SIP Frequency

Minimum Pause Period

Maximum Pause Period


1 Month

6 months


1 Quarter / 90 days

  1. Quarters / 180 days


Q6. When can I submit the Pause Application.

SIP Pause requests must be submitted at least 10 calendar days prior to the next SIP Debit due date.

Q7. What will happen when Pause SIP period completes.

  1. SIP Debits will automatically resume after the completion of the Pause Period. 

  2. If Pause SIP period coincides with Step Up registered in the SIP, the Stepped-up amount will be debited after the closure of the Pause Period.

Q8. How can I cancel my SIP Pause Request. 

 Pause SIP can be cancelled by submitting a signed request by the investor. Upon cancellation of the SIP Pause registered in the folio, the SIP Debits will automatically restart.