UTI Fixed Maturity Plan

  • What?

    Fixed Maturity Plans or, in Short, FMPs (may also be called as FTP, FTIF etc.) are debt schemes with a fixed maturity, launched by mutual funds. They run for a fixed period of time that could range from one month to as long as three years or more. The objective of an Fixed Maturity Plans is to generate a return over a fixed maturity period. Fixed Maturity Plans invest in fixed income securities like money market instruments government securities, corporate bonds, certificate of deposits (CDs), commercial papers (CPs), and bank fixed deposits (FDs) etc. which mature in line with the tenure of the fund. Since the instruments are held to maturity, there is no risk of the security being affected by interest rate movements.

  • Why?

    Fixed Maturity Plans are attractive for investors who look for a return and investors who require their funds back after a certain period. In the scenario when interest rates are high it provides good opportunity to lock in investment at relatively higher yields. While long term debt funds are susceptible to interest rate movements, Fixed Maturity Plans by the very nature of their structure offer a good cushion against interest rate movement.

Returns Calculator

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This Scheme BSE 100 Fixed Deposit Gold PPF
3 months 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
9 months 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
1 year 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
3 years 139.25 145.89 137.65 188.67 112.78
5 years 164.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
Since Inception 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78