Children's Career Planning

  • What is a child career plan?

    A child career plan helps in financial planning for your child's future needs at the right age. Investing in child career plans is one of the best ways to save enough with regular investments for your child’s future for needs like school fees or higher education which can be costly later. Financial protection features in child plans ensure that your child gets the best in the future. The promise of a secure future can help your child bloom to his/her full potential even when you are not around.

  • Why choose UTI Children's Career Fund (CCF)?

    Give your child the gift of a secure future with UTI Children’s Career Fund (CCF). With a record of outperforming the market against the benchmarks across various time periods, our child career plans provide unmatched tax advantages and portfolio quality with a disciplined investment focus. UTI provides you with the choice of two well- performing child career plans to suit your needs better:


    UTI Children's Career Fund (UTI CCF) - Savings Plan

    : This open ended scheme is well suited for investors looking to invest for their children in a portfolio mix of debt and equity with a view in the range of 60–40%. The scheme is for long-term investors and accounts for adjustment of asset allocation and the portfolio mix based on prevailing market conditions. This scheme provides the best of both worlds - high credit quality of debt portfolio & growth characteristics of equity portfolio with large cap dominance.


    UTI Children’s Career Fund (UTI CCF) - Investment Plan

    : This open ended scheme is well suited for investors looking to secure their children’s future with an equity inclined portfolio. The portfolio for this scheme has the composition mix of 70–100% equity and 0–30% debt. The scheme is for growth/dividend/scholarship investors wherein the Investment under Scholarship option does not come under tax preview u/s 10(16) of the IT Act 1961 as long as the education is not discounted by the beneficiary.


    Choose a plan that suits your requirements today to get complete financial protection for your child’s future dreams and peace of mind for yourself.

    With UTI’s Child Career Fund, you get,

    • Open Ended Scheme for Your Child’s Future.

    • A 60/40 – Equity/ Debt Portfolio Mix

    • Long Term Investments.

    • Growth and Dividend Options.

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This Scheme BSE 100 Fixed Deposit Gold PPF
3 months 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
9 months 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
1 year 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
3 years 139.25 145.89 137.65 188.67 112.78
5 years 164.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
Since Inception 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
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