Smart Tax Saving Solutions

  • What is Smart Tax Saving Solutions?

    UTI provides solutions for all your tax savings needs and for all your investment objectives - be it long term wealth creation, risk coverage/ retirement planning or just plain tax saving investments. Our Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) and Retirement Benefit Pension Plan (RBP) help you get multiple benefits no matter what your needs are. While ULIP provides opportunity for wealth creation with the added advantage of life insurance, RBP help you live your golden years with pride by creating a corpus for generating regular retirement income.

  • Why choose UTI Smart Tax Saving Solutions?

    With so many tax saving options to choose from, it is a perpetually difficult task for investors to choose the right solution that suits their needs. Investors receive contradictory advice from multiple advisors that only confuses them with regards to which is the best tax saving solution. The reality is that many taxpayers find themselves in this situation at the beginning of the year when they have to make tax-saving investments.

    UTI ULIP is primarily designed to provide return through growth in the NAV or through dividend distribution and reinvestment thereof. With a pedigree of 45 years in building investor wealth, UTI ULIP is suitable for investors who are seeking long term capital appreciation through investment in equity and debt instruments.

    The asset allocation in ULIP is as follows:

    • Debt: Min 60% – Max 100% (low to medium risk)

    • Equity: Min 0% – Max 40% (Medium to high risk)


    UTI RBP’s primary objective is to provide pension in the form of periodical income/cash flow to the unitholders to the extent of redemption value of their holding after they complete 58 years of age. With a performance track record of more than 22 years and unparalleled tax advantages, RBF provides the right portfolio mix of debt and equity along with a choice of investment strategy that suits your needs.

    The asset allocation in RBP is as follows:

    • Debt (including securitized debt): Min 60% – Max 100% (low to medium risk)

    • Equity & Equity related instruments: Min 0% – Max 40% (high risk)


    With a distinctive fund positioning in terms of investment objective & asset allocation, UTI Smart Tax Saving Solutions provides you with the opportunity to save tax beside wealth creation, insurance planning & retirement planning. Get in touch with a UTI financial advisor today.


    With UTI Smart Tax Saving Solutions you get,

    • An Open Needed High Growth Scheme

    • 40/60- Equity/ Debt Portfolio

    • Low Expense Ratio to Create Maximum Returns for Investments

    • Process Driven Portfolio Management

    • Successful Track Record of 100 Times Growth.

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