Retirement Planning

  • What is Retirement Planning?

    Retirement planning is not just about creating a nest egg for life’s golden years. In addition to saving tax, retirement planning will help you live with pride in the autumn of life without compromising on your living standards.

    With costs of living and inflation rising with each passing year, it has become all the more important to plan for your retirement years well in advance. When you plan for your retirement early you ensure a steady flow of income, harmony in life, peace of mind, rich health and joyful moments for yourself.

  • Why is retirement planning important?

    Retirement planning is important because of the three main factors:

    • Increase in life expectancy: With average life expectancy increasing, it has become increasingly important to plan for a longer retirement. Hence, you need to start planning in advance to maintain your lifestyle and take care of other expenses for such a long duration.

    • Financial independence: You live your life on your own terms. Why stop after retirement? Adequate planning for retirement will ensure you hold your head high post retirement and ensure your financial independence.

    • Medical expenses: Your sunset years can be plagued by unforeseen medical costs. With medical costs rising every year, such expenses can be difficult to manage unless you plan for them in advance.


    Saving and investing in mutual funds are the key building blocks to creating a steady long term retirement plan.

    UTI’s Retirement Benefit Fund (RBF) is an open ended notified tax savings cum pension scheme that creates regular retirement income for you, by helping your money grow during your work life. This is suitable for both investors who are looking to build a nest egg for their retirement planning and investors looking to save tax under Section 80C. It provides the convenience of Annuity pay out with Systematic Withdrawal Option. With a performance track record of more than 22 years and unparalleled tax advantages, RBF provides the right portfolio mix of debt and equity along with a choice of investment strategy that suits your needs.

    Start planning your retirement now. Early steps taken today will become a milestone in your golden years.

    With UTI retirement benefit pension funds you get,

    • An Open Ended Notified Tax Savings Cum Pension Scheme,

    • A Balanced Mix of Debt and Equity Funds

    • Tax Savings Under 80 C of IT Act 1961

    • Performance Track Record of More Than 22 Years

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