UTI Wealth Builder Fund

  • What is Wealth Builder Fund?

    UTI Wealth Builder Fund (WBF) is an investment solution for you to create wealth by investing across asset and sub asset classes and realize tax benefits in terms of long-term capital gains and dividends. You can choose between a variety of investment strategies based on your risk appetite. With “set and forget” ease of investing, WBF helps secure your investment by responding dynamically to markets and rebalancing your folio with minimal transactional costs.

  • Role of UTI Wealth Builder Fund in Wealth Creation :

    Wealth creation is an important aspect of your financial planning. Whether it is to save tax or invest for the future, you need an asset folio that helps you get potentially better returns and grow your money in the long term. With the right asset folio you can have an exposure to equity for enhanced growth, the promise of stability of debt funds and diversification with gold to hedge your risks.

    However, creating such a folio is easier said than done. You may be plagued with a series of questions. What would be the appropriate asset allocation? How to pick the right funds? How to save costs and taxes while rebalancing? In case of gaps between your expectations and realizations, you might regret picking the wrong options. You need an investment solution that will broaden your investment across asset classes.

    Wealth Builder Fund invests across Equity & Arbitrage, Debt and Liquidity and Gold asset classes to ensure your investments are secure and deliver maximum gains to beat market benchmarks. It analyses qualitative views & market predictions and rebalances the asset mix & allocation in alignment with your overall investment objective. With stability of returns, proven growth potential, optimum risk management and tax efficient returns, UTI WBF is truly a complete investment solution for wealth creation.

    Invest wisely in UTI Wealth Builder Fund today and watch your hard-earned money grow with time.


    With UTI Wealth Builder you can,

    • Driven by Selection of Stocks - 80% In Large Caps

    • Focus Is On High Liquidity

    • High Growth Potential

    • Tax Efficient Returns with Stability

    • Optimum Risk Management.

Returns Calculator

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This Scheme BSE 100 Fixed Deposit Gold PPF
3 months 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
9 months 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
1 year 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
3 years 139.25 145.89 137.65 188.67 112.78
5 years 164.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
Since Inception 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
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