Stay Connected with us on WhatsApp

Stay Connected with us on WhatsApp

Just send ‘Hi’ from your registered mobile number to UTI AMC WhatsApp Number for: 7208081230

  • Quick & easy steps to complete Lumpsum, SIP journeys
  • Get NAV, Portfolio Details, account statement, capital gain statement, UFC address & more.
  • Use our calculators to plan your goals and check out our risk analyzer to know your risk appetite
  • Learn more about Mutual Funds, SIP, Index Funds, watch informative videos and read interesting articles from our experts.
  • Answers to almost all your investment queries

To get instant access to services and receive UTI Mutual Fund related communications on WhatsApp, please enter the below details :

  • What are the services available in WhatsApp bot?

    You can access account statement, capital gain statement, portfolio valuation , Invest and also view NAV of invested schemes.

  • What transactions can be done using WhatsApp?

    You can perform Lumpsum and SIP transactions through WhatsApp.

  • Can we request for Statement of Accounts through WhatsApp services?

    Yes, Statement of Accounts can be requested through WhatsApp Service.

  • Are there any charges applicable for using WhatsApp services?

    There are NO registration or service charges for using WhatsApp service. However, regular data charges will be applicable as per your plan with the telecom service provider.

  • Is WhatsApp bot secure?

    Yes. Using WhatsApp services is safe and secure. If you are a customer of UTI AMC, you will be allowed to access WhatsApp only from your registered mobile number.
    Your details are not shared with anyone. You do not need to enter any confidential information such as PIN or password on WhatsApp.
    If you are not a customer, you will be able to access only generic features and FAQs

  • I have unsubscribed from WhatsApp opt-in. Can I opt-in again to receive alerts and notification?

    Yes. You can again opt-in through various mode like website , SMS.

  • Is it mandatory to opt-in for receiving alerts and updates on WhatsApp?

    Yes, it is required to opt-in for receiving alerts and updates on WhatsApp.

  • I am not a customer of UTI AMC. Can I still use WhatsApp?

    Yes. Although you are not a customer, you can access generic information and FAQs available on WhatsApp.